III Points 2013: Ambitious…And 100% Totally Worth It

III Points 2013: Ambitious…And 100% Totally Worth It

So, III Points was the dopest shit I’ve experienced since Winter Music Conference in March, no lie. The festivals inaugural event took place over several venues in Wynwood showcasing music, art and technology. The first stop for me was the Young Turks BBQ friday evening, where we walked into none other than Brodinski throwing it down as the surprise guest. As Diplo describes him, Brodinski i... »

2013-10 III points

III Points Music, Art And Technology Festival October 3-5, 2013

Miami has become a bit of a normal, cyclical thing as far as it’s music scene goes: Winter Music Conference and Ultra comes and goes during March and then there are scattered (though notable) events throughout the rest of the year, including shows at the Klipsch Amphitheater, mini-festivals that come and go (or not at all, R.I.P. UR1), as well as your regular shows scattered throughout midto... »