Revisiting Iepe Rubingh’s Painting Reality Series

Revisiting Iepe Rubingh’s Painting Reality Series

You may remember an artist we posted about last year named Iepe Rubingh. The Merry-Prankster/World-Champion Chess Boxer has struck again with his Painting Reality series. This time, the intersection is in São Paulo, Brazil. The concept behind Painting Reality is to simultaneously dump gallons of varied colorful paint into a busy interestion. Cars, bicycles and pedestrians move through it and sprea... »

Christophe Coppens: “Women of the Fields”

Christophe Coppens: “Women of the Fields”

If there is one thing we love at Fresh Wet Paint, it’s seeing all our favorite forms of media and expression come together in one harmonious marriage of awesome. Striking artistic visuals, avant garde livery and mellow synth-pop melodies are exactly the kind of trifecta we are talking about – and it’s what director Javier Barcala’s video showcasing Christophe Coppens’ upcoming S/... »

Sleigh Bells Live in Gainesville, Fla.

Paradise Lost: Diplo and Sleigh Bells Live in Gainesville

Paradise Lost – the only thing I lost was my mind, and paradise is what I found. Sleigh Bells and Diplo brought the noise to The Forum last Friday, kicking off their exclusive Florida tour right here in Gainesville, Fla.! The demographic of the crowd was oddly interesting, a synergy of indie and electro hipsters alike brought together by what seemed a strange pairing of Sleigh Bells and Dipl... »

Prada spring 2012

Prada 2012 Spring Campaign

Prada’s Spring 2012 campaign kicks off with a sultry and vibrant video from Stephen Meisel, paired with a killer soundtrack that includes Sleigh Bells, Tobacco and Ariel Pink to name a fabulous few. This collection comes with just a hint of masculinity, with inspiration pulling from Italian automobiles and 1950s retro-glam. The video features classic feminine characters personified as models play ... »

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