Counterpoint Music Festival 2012: Trappin’ In The Georgia Mountains

Counterpoint Music Festival 2012: Trappin’ In The Georgia Mountains

There is no shortage of music festivals these days. Seems like every five hours, another danceathon jamfest is birthed into the ever-crowded world. So if you’re going to put yourself out there, you better bring some serious shit to the table. Counterpoint Music and Art Festival took the challenge and met it with the kind of gusto and enthusiastic positivity you need to make it in this busine... »

Madeon in Gainesville, photo by: Jake Pierce

Madeon in Gainesville: Video

Fuck memos, TPS reports and your case of the Mondays. Everyone’s least favorite day was bumped to legendary status in Gainesville earlier this week when Dynasty Group brought Madeon rip-roaring through to town. The 18-year-old French boy-wonder delivered one of the tightest and most energizing sets we’d say Gainesville’s to date. He lit up the collegiate, neon masses and sent them home begging for... »

Digitalism at Grand Central Miami flyer

Digitalism at Grand Central Miami Saturday

Here at FWP, we are so in love with the year 2007, we want to get it tattoo’d on our foreheads. It was a magical time when electro in American was still hip, exciting and new. House parties were the name of the game, DJs were still few and far between, and they never dropped “Levels” or anything featuring Pitbull that wasn’t on M.I.A.M.I. One tell-tale sign you were at a go... »

Tupac hologram, live at Coachella 2012

Holographic Tupac Ain’t Shit Got On These Virtual Superstars

Alright, we’ll admit it. When we first saw how Coachella brought Tupac back from the dead for a special performance with Snoop, we were impressed. Actually, we were disgusted, but whatever. That’s another essay for another time. We’re not here to hate on technology (because technology is our god at FWP). We’re here to instead take a big hipster poop on the fun of what we al... »

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