Chromeo Night Falls Tour

Chromeo Night Falls Tour

Chromeo is taking their sound nationwide on a Night by Night basis this Fall. But it is still just Business Casual (as usual) for the duo. Check out the tour dates and a new music release. »

Midnight Conspiracy

Midnight Conspiracy: Making Moves And Mixtapes

Our interview with Mikul Wang of Chicago's Midnight Conspiracy and their latest mix. »

DJ Mannes of Team Jaguar

Team Jaguar Summer Tour Mix

Last Week, I had the pleasure of following Team Jaguar on their Florida Summer Tour. The tour was filled with plenty of raging, successful and failed after-parties, and 10 hours on a Greyhound bus. Team Jaguar was originally a collaboration of two DJ’s, Chris Manley, a.k.a. DJ Mannes, and Andrea Grant, a.k.a. Steve Lurkel. DJ Mannes was spinning solo for this tour, but still under the name T... »

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