CLOUDZbyTy 2013: Respect the Rainbow

CLOUDZbyTy 2013: Respect the Rainbow

Last year, we were stoked to share with you the brilliantly insane color pallet of New York City graphic artist, designer and “Hello my name is” sticker enthusiast Ty. This guy draws happy, creepy cloud people who throw up rainbows and look pretty ecstatic doing it. What’s not to love? We were instantly hooked. Things got better when he shared with us his awesome summer sunglasse... »

Rorik Smith: Distorting Reality

Rorik Smith: Distorting Reality

Are you a fan of M.C. Escher? Are you a fan of hallucinogens? Are you a fan of surrealism and interesting perspectives on reality? If you said yes to any of those questions, then shiiiiit homie, wait till you get a hold of this. Rorik Smith is an artist and draughtsmen (that means drafter -> that means he makes technical drawings for money) living in North Wales. He’s been making some rat... »


Kon Krajangsiwalai: Konokon

Instagram is a great cultural tool – if you know how to use it. Sure, you can scoff that it’s all pictures of food, girls and cute lil animals, but that’s just the people who don’t know what they’ve got at their disposal. My instagram feed is full of images from people I don’t know from all corners of the world. Some specialize in fashion, some photography, othe... »

Guy Allott Baltic Coast

Guy Allott’s Surreal Scenescapes

Meet British artist Guy Allott. Fans of the great Dali are sure to find something they love here, as his work is quite surreal and reminiscent of the Spanish genius’ style. Beautifully intricate works, from paintings to sculptures, featuring strange missing parts, shit on stilts, and lots of nature meets technology. According to his biography, Allott’s work focuses on themes of explora... »

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