Guy Allott Baltic Coast

Guy Allott’s Surreal Scenescapes

Meet British artist Guy Allott. Fans of the great Dali are sure to find something they love here, as his work is quite surreal and reminiscent of the Spanish genius’ style. Beautifully intricate works, from paintings to sculptures, featuring strange missing parts, shit on stilts, and lots of nature meets technology. According to his biography, Allott’s work focuses on themes of explora... »

aerodynamics / Mars-1

Mars-1 Paints Psychological Worlds In Space It’s no secret FWP loves outer space, the future, and all things reflective of the beautiful possibilities for mankind’s tomorrow. Anything that speaks to our penchant for the wispy, intricate, colorful and extraordinary is sure to be an instant favorite. Such is the case with San Fransicsco-based painter andĀ sculptorĀ Mario Martinez, a.k.a. Mars-1, who got his... »

Earth From Space, courtesy nasa

This Is What Space Sounds Like

NASA converted some electromagnetic waves into sound, so now we can listen to space. »