The Dream of the ’90s is Alive: Miista Shoes

The Dream of the ’90s is Alive: Miista Shoes

The ’90s are over – as if! The stench of teen spirit is wafting through the air and we are diving head first into the styles of our childhoods. The Miistas are the shoes to put your feet in. Created by Miss Laura Villasenin settled happily in Hackney, London, Miistas are designed for the “headstrong woman” looking for a bit of “elegance.” This according to the M... »

Noritaka Tatehana: Bringing Shoes to (Scary) New Heights

Noritaka Tatehana: Bringing Shoes to (Scary) New Heights

Noritaka Tatehana is a self-taught Japanese designer who started his work at the young age of 15. From dyeing and embossing the leather down to the construction of the shoes, all of the pieces are hand-executed by Tatehana himself. He recently mastered in Textile Arts and graduated from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts. His career took off the same year when he decided to directly contac... »

Nasty Gal dress

Nasty Gal Clothing

Being a part of the young 20-something hipster era means that when it comes to fashion we all want one thing: to be original. And of course, by original, I actually mean recycling what was once cool, but now sits forgotten at the bottom of a trunk in your grandmother’s attic. It’s hard to find the patience to go from thrift store to thrift store and sort through racks stuffed full of neon jacket s... »

Courtesy of Jeffrey Campbell


If I had to pick my favorite affordable designer for 2011, it would have to be Jeffrey Campbell; a family run company that does not stop producing to-die-for footwear. If you like big chunky heels or hippie inspired style with edge, then a pair of Jeffery Campbell’s need to be on your feet ASAP. Seen on pretty much every celebrity under the age of 30, these 5-inch heels were the must have for 2011... »

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