Gainesville Fashion Week 2011 Just Put This City on the Fashion Map

Gainesville Fashion Week 2011 kicked off on Thursday, April 7th. The clothing was unique and the evening was a success. »

Natsumi Hayashi

Floating Through Life: The Self Portraits of Natsumi Hayashi

Natsumi Hayashi might just be the Japanese twin I never had. She’s a young photographer living in Tokyo with a mild cat obsession. Can I get a pen pal? Hayashi began taking self portraits of herself around the streets of Tokyo and now she exists two feet off the ground. Using a self-timer and a tripod, she photographs herself jumping and thoughtful depictions of levitation are the result. Ph... »


Photographer Peter Zander Hangs Out With Old People

Peter Zander takes portraits of silly old people in his Seniors series. »

Kat at Electric Zoo 2010

Happy Birthday Wet Paint: A Year in Review

After a year in the blogosphere, we take a look back at our accomplishments and celebrate the best thing we ever did thus far; Wet Paint. Check out some of the stuff from our past, as we look to the future. »

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