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CLOUDZbyTy 2013: Respect the Rainbow

CLOUDZbyTy 2013: Respect the Rainbow

Last year, we were stoked to share with you the brilliantly insane color pallet of New York City graphic artist, designer and “Hello my name is” sticker enthusiast Ty. This guy draws happy, creepy cloud people who throw up rainbows and look pretty ecstatic doing it. What’s not to love? We were instantly hooked. Things got better when he shared with us his awesome summer sunglasse... »

Trends of 2013

Trends of 2013

Welcome to 2013, y’all! Hope you’re all nice and comfy, seeing as we’re a month in. So since the world didn’t end, lets talk about all the things we’re gonna wear. By this time 2014, it’ll be all the things you can’t stand to look at. Enjoy! DRUG FASHION I really can’t think of a better name for this trend. This look is typically the go-to look for g... »

Bill Cosby Ugly Sweater King

Ugly Sweater Party Guide

In these last few days of the holiday season, you may find yourself invited to a time honored tradition – The Ugly Sweater Party. Holiday parties are the white light at the end of the wreath-infested tunnel that is the holiday season. The realization that you’re dead-broke mixed with the repetitive jingle of “Baby it’s Cold Outside” is enough to send the most sound-of... »

Yoko Ono Fashions For Men Opening Ceremony

Yoko Ono “Fashions For Men”

If John Lennon were alive today, what would he be wearing? Well, if he let his wife dress him, he’d be wearing pants with giant holes and hand-prints on his crotch. Just check out this line of avant-garde men’s fashions Yoko Ono just unleashed on the world. They’re supposed to be inspired by her genius late-husband’s sexy bod. According to Opening Ceremony, the English reta... »

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