David Koma Spring/Summer 2012

David Koma: Form And Futurism

You already know how we feel about the future. Namely; IT IS NOW! We’re completely obsessed, and clothing that mirrors our love of futurism with big geometry, angles and edginess always grabs our attention. Today, we’re introducing you to a young Georgian designer based out of London – David Koma. Though he’s a youngster at 25, he’s already received numerous accolades... »

Steve Wheen Is Planting Gardens In Potholes

Steve Wheen Is Planting Gardens In Potholes

Steve Wheen is a gardener, but his London neighborhood has no gardens. Instead, it has potholes. So Steve Wheen makes due with what he’s got. Inspired by the act of Guerilla Gardening (planting gardens in public spaces without permission), he has decided to fill the potholes in London with living plants and miniature props. He creates tiny little worlds in their otherwise vacuous and inconve... »

Noemi Goudal’s Conception Volumique Photography

Noemi Goudal’s Conception Volumique Photography

Noemi Goudal is a London-based photographer and master of deception. Her photographs depict landscapes that are most often run-down or generally mundane. The catch is, she puts a gateway into a new, more ethereal location in the middle of the landscape, using blown-up photographs. Her work blurs the line of which element is the art itself. There is the landscape, an installation inside that landsc... »

Hanksy Rat

Who is Hanksy?

Banksy is an enigmatic name that has become synonymous with street art. His work is provocative and usually holds some sort of witty meaning or political statement. Banksy has entered a new level of public-consciousness with his film Exit Through The Gift Shop. Banksy has mastered a rather simple process using stencils, which leads to quite a few imitations and impostors. One such spoof artist rec... »

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