Keira Rathbone

Keira Rathbone: Typewriter Art

The artistic process is inherently creative, but at FWP, we get super stoked when the creativity bleeds into the medium. Today, we share with you an exciting artist from Britain who’s making a splash re-purposing old typewriters. Whoever says typewriters are outdated is just thinking inside the box. Keira Rathbone has a whole slew of old-school machines that she uses to create interesting po... »

aerodynamics / Mars-1

Mars-1 Paints Psychological Worlds In Space It’s no secret FWP loves outer space, the future, and all things reflective of the beautiful possibilities for mankind’s tomorrow. Anything that speaks to our penchant for the wispy, intricate, colorful and extraordinary is sure to be an instant favorite. Such is the case with San Fransicsco-based painter and sculptor Mario Martinez, a.k.a. Mars-1, who got his... »

Noemi Goudal’s Conception Volumique Photography

Noemi Goudal’s Conception Volumique Photography

Noemi Goudal is a London-based photographer and master of deception. Her photographs depict landscapes that are most often run-down or generally mundane. The catch is, she puts a gateway into a new, more ethereal location in the middle of the landscape, using blown-up photographs. Her work blurs the line of which element is the art itself. There is the landscape, an installation inside that landsc... »