Guy Allott Baltic Coast

Guy Allott’s Surreal Scenescapes

Meet British artist Guy Allott. Fans of the great Dali are sure to find something they love here, as his work is quite surreal and reminiscent of the Spanish genius’ style. Beautifully intricate works, from paintings to sculptures, featuring strange missing parts, shit on stilts, and lots of nature meets technology. According to his biography, Allott’s work focuses on themes of explora... »

aerodynamics / Mars-1

Mars-1 Paints Psychological Worlds In Space

http://vimeo.com/31773569 It’s no secret FWP loves outer space, the future, and all things reflective of the beautiful possibilities for mankind’s tomorrow. Anything that speaks to our penchant for the wispy, intricate, colorful and extraordinary is sure to be an instant favorite. Such is the case with San Fransicsco-based painter and sculptor Mario Martinez, a.k.a. Mars-1, who got his... »

Tom Fox house digital rendering

Gainesville Going Green, One House at a Time

Gainesville resident Tom Fox’s dream-home is a fully sustainable dwelling made not from stone, but rather from shipping containers that used to travel across oceans or trek from state-to-state. As of February, he has transformed his vision into a reality, and you can find it at 612 SW Fifth Terrace, in Gainesville. Fox spent nearly a decade conducting research before breaking ground, talking to hu... »

Tupac hologram, live at Coachella 2012

Holographic Tupac Ain’t Shit Got On These Virtual Superstars

Alright, we’ll admit it. When we first saw how Coachella brought Tupac back from the dead for a special performance with Snoop, we were impressed. Actually, we were disgusted, but whatever. That’s another essay for another time. We’re not here to hate on technology (because technology is our god at FWP). We’re here to instead take a big hipster poop on the fun of what we al... »

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