WolfWax Culture Opens Gainesville to Comics, Vinyl

WolfWax Culture Opens Gainesville to Comics, Vinyl

There’s an eclectic culture taking up residence in downtown Gainesville, though some might not know it exists. But in one small comic book shop, it’s here to take a stand. Off the corner of Main Street and Northwest First Avenue lies a new comic book oasis above Arrow’s Aim Records that opened its doors on Sept. 14. It’s easy to miss, but you just have to keep your eyes open for the orange door th... »

Santa Marta

Haas and Hahn Are Painting the Favelas

Haas and Hahn are trying to create a shift in perception by embracing and painting a neighborhood. »

ORI Educates members

ORI Entertainment Is Takin’ Y’all To School

The people behind some of Gainesville’s biggest parties have more on their minds than just having a good time. The 35 20-somethings that make up ORI Entertainment, the event company that brought Gainesville the massive Big and Hearty Music and Art Festival and the A-N-D party series, can’t stop finding new ways to give back to the community. “It’s so important to us because we truly care,” said di... »