Time to Make Moves.

Time to Make Moves.

Greetings all you Paint Huffers. So this is probably one of my last posts I’ll be doing while I’m still in Flori-duh. Next week, I’ll be expanding our brand as well as my DJ career by making the big leap of faith with a move to Chicago. Do not fear fellow Floridians, I will be doing a weekly show every Monday night on our Ustream from 10-12 so you can still get your weekly JeRK f... »

Midnight Conspiracy

Midnight Conspiracy: Making Moves And Mixtapes

Our interview with Mikul Wang of Chicago's Midnight Conspiracy and their latest mix. »

Always Fresh-n-Sticky

Welcome To Fresh Wet Paint! Always Fresh-N-Sticky

Greetings people of the future. [box] Welcome to Fresh Wet Paint – Always Fresh n Sticky. We want to bring you the newest in Art, Fashion, Music, and Counter Culture. We strive hard to always be in the know, as our contributors are up and coming experts in their respective fields. We mostly focus on Florida, Chicago, and New York, but we have fans all over the world. If you would like to see... »

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