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Guy Allott Baltic Coast

Guy Allott’s Surreal Scenescapes

Meet British artist Guy Allott. Fans of the great Dali are sure to find something they love here, as his work is quite surreal and reminiscent of the Spanish genius’ style. Beautifully intricate works, from paintings to sculptures, featuring strange missing parts, shit on stilts, and lots of nature meets technology. According to his biography, Allott’s work focuses on themes of explora... »


Fabien Merelle

Fabien Merelle creates surreal drawings that pack a lot of punch into the delicate drawings. Marelle created a series of abstractions based on what I can only assume was blinding terror. He explores each setting through startling characters but also captures a certain sense of humor. There is a strong idea of creation vs. construction going on in some of his recent work. »

Marked for Life

Marked for Life

Nate Brown struggles after serving six months. He's homeless and earns his living doing tattoos door-to-door. Enjoy this video made for the Hearst competition. »