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LEGO forest Broken Hill

LEGO Forest – Festival of Play

LEGO is celebrating 50 years in Australia, and to show their appreciation, they’re bringing a little LEGO magic to the Land Down-Under. Scratch that. They’re bringing some pretty fucking big magic. It’s called the Festival of Play, and part of it sees the installation of life-size LEGO forests, popping up in different locations across the country. From what we saw on their websit... »

Keira Rathbone

Keira Rathbone: Typewriter Art

The artistic process is inherently creative, but at FWP, we get super stoked when the creativity bleeds into the medium. Today, we share with you an exciting artist from Britain who’s making a splash re-purposing old typewriters. Whoever says typewriters are outdated is just thinking inside the box. Keira Rathbone has a whole slew of old-school machines that she uses to create interesting po... »

The Urban Hactivisim of Florian Rivière

The Urban Hactivisim of Florian Rivière

  French-artist Florian Rivière refers to himself as an Urban Hactivist. The public space is a playing field and he is the one designing the games. He follows one strict rule that any material he uses must be found in the public space as well. Using anything from shopping carts to wooden pallets, Florian crafts humorous art interventions that require participation from John and Jane Q. Public... »

CLOUDZbyTy sunglasses

CLOUDZbyTy: Shades with Color

Meet Ty, an independent street artist gettin’ his mad hustle on in New York City. For the past two years, he’s blasted the streets of Soho with his “Hello My Name Is Ty” stickers and crazy, colorful cloud people. His bright, squiggly characters are like something out of a DMT-induced Saturday morning cartoon. He uses clouds to represent his aim to be ever morphing and chang... »

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