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2013-10 III points

III Points Music, Art And Technology Festival October 3-5, 2013

Miami has become a bit of a normal, cyclical thing as far as it’s music scene goes: Winter Music Conference and Ultra comes and goes during March and then there are scattered (though notable) events throughout the rest of the year, including shows at the Klipsch Amphitheater, mini-festivals that come and go (or not at all, R.I.P. UR1), as well as your regular shows scattered throughout midto... »

CLOUDZbyTy 2013: Respect the Rainbow

CLOUDZbyTy 2013: Respect the Rainbow

Last year, we were stoked to share with you the brilliantly insane color pallet of New York City graphic artist, designer and “Hello my name is” sticker enthusiast Ty. This guy draws happy, creepy cloud people who throw up rainbows and look pretty ecstatic doing it. What’s not to love? We were instantly hooked. Things got better when he shared with us his awesome summer sunglasse... »

Daniel Edwards Britney Spears

Daniel Edwards: Sculpting Pop Culture

You know him as the guy who made a life-sized statue of a naked Britney Spears giving birth to her son Sean on a bear skin rug. But his mom knows him as Daniel Edwards. Born in La Porte, Ind., Edwards has made a name for himself in the modern art world using some of our most revered, stalked and talked about celebrities. He creates bizarre, striking portraits usually depicting the star in some iro... »

David Mach

David Mach: Drowning in Magazines

We human beings are trashy – and by that, I mean we make a lot of trash. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, we Americans generated about 250 million tons of trash in 2010 alone. That’s a fucking load of garbage. So what do we do with all that discarded stuff? Well, if you’re a badass, you turn it into art. Meet David Mach, one such badass. In this series of inst... »

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