The Dream of the ’90s is Alive: Miista Shoes

The Dream of the ’90s is Alive: Miista Shoes

The ’90s are over – as if! The stench of teen spirit is wafting through the air and we are diving head first into the styles of our childhoods. The Miistas are the shoes to put your feet in. Created by Miss Laura Villasenin settled happily in Hackney, London, Miistas are designed for the “headstrong woman” looking for a bit of “elegance.” This according to the M... »

Yoko Ono Fashions For Men Opening Ceremony

Yoko Ono “Fashions For Men”

If John Lennon were alive today, what would he be wearing? Well, if he let his wife dress him, he’d be wearing pants with giant holes and hand-prints on his crotch. Just check out this line of avant-garde men’s fashions Yoko Ono just unleashed on the world. They’re supposed to be inspired by her genius late-husband’s sexy bod. According to Opening Ceremony, the English reta... »

Emily Newman Antler Accessories

Antler Bling: Accessories by Emily Newman

Gainesville is no stranger to creative types, and one of my favorite local artists is Emily Newman. Using old deer antlers, cruelty-free of course, Newman makes some pretty radical statement necklaces. Her collection of hand-made antler pendants is simple yet unique, drawing inspiration from the natural material. [box]“Wearing antler bling around your neck is statement enough in itself,̶... »

Bobby K Fall Lookbook 2012; photo courtesy: daryna barykina photography

Bobby K Fall 2012 Lookbook

It’s been a little while since we caught up with Gainesville-based, hot-and-fun fashion designer Bobby K, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been hard at work! He just released his Fall 2012 lookbook, and we are falling over ourselves for the Reloaded collection. Some of these pieces made their debut on the Jacksonville Fashion Week runway in April, but Mr. K has since added some ne... »

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