Laura Jane Grace

Laura Jane Grace: A Gainesville Local’s Look at the Artist Formerly Known as Tom Gabel

Gainesville lost an icon last night—and simulataneously gained a new one. Goodbye Tom Gabel. Hello Laura Jane Grace. The 31-year-old frontman of the band Against Me! announced to Rolling Stone magazine he has always felt more like a she.  The singer identifies as transsexual and is undergoing treatment that could eventually lead to a sex change operation. She said she’s not attracted to men ... »

Tom Fox house digital rendering

Gainesville Going Green, One House at a Time

Gainesville resident Tom Fox’s dream-home is a fully sustainable dwelling made not from stone, but rather from shipping containers that used to travel across oceans or trek from state-to-state. As of February, he has transformed his vision into a reality, and you can find it at 612 SW Fifth Terrace, in Gainesville. Fox spent nearly a decade conducting research before breaking ground, talking to hu... »

Tupac hologram, live at Coachella 2012

Holographic Tupac Ain’t Shit Got On These Virtual Superstars

Alright, we’ll admit it. When we first saw how Coachella brought Tupac back from the dead for a special performance with Snoop, we were impressed. Actually, we were disgusted, but whatever. That’s another essay for another time. We’re not here to hate on technology (because technology is our god at FWP). We’re here to instead take a big hipster poop on the fun of what we al... »

Ultra Music Festival 2012

5 Things Ultra Fest 2012 Taught Me About Modern Life

Ultra Music Festival is one of the most ridiculous music festivals one can encounter. It’s like a rite of passage for newb EDMers and Miami residents alike. I had my first raver experience there when I was still in high school, back when it was only a one day thing. Since then, it’s grown to become a serious monster of epic proportions, but it still seems to serve a purpose. I went to ... »

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