WolfWax Culture Opens Gainesville to Comics, Vinyl

WolfWax Culture Opens Gainesville to Comics, Vinyl

There’s an eclectic culture taking up residence in downtown Gainesville, though some might not know it exists. But in one small comic book shop, it’s here to take a stand. Off the corner of Main Street and Northwest First Avenue lies a new comic book oasis above Arrow’s Aim Records that opened its doors on Sept. 14. It’s easy to miss, but you just have to keep your eyes open for the orange door th... »

Air Berry Citrus flavor

AIR: Alcohol That Tastes Like Water

Alright so, we all love gettin’ schwastey right? Except for those few of us who love getting schwastey so much that we just can’t do it anymore. People get hurt, people cry. It’s not pretty. Anyway, other than those party poopers, the only down-side to drinking is that awful taste. You have to spend extra money on fancy mixers and gross sodas just to enjoy the fucking shit. Excep... »

Ultra Music Festival 2012

5 Things Ultra Fest 2012 Taught Me About Modern Life

Ultra Music Festival is one of the most ridiculous music festivals one can encounter. It’s like a rite of passage for newb EDMers and Miami residents alike. I had my first raver experience there when I was still in high school, back when it was only a one day thing. Since then, it’s grown to become a serious monster of epic proportions, but it still seems to serve a purpose. I went to ... »

MIMA House

MIMA House: For Everyone Everywhere

The American Dream – twisted, broken and bloody as it is – tells us home-ownership is one of the peak experiences of human life. We grow up imagining our “dream home” and how wonderful it will be to furnish it exactly how we’d like it. Mine comes with an old-fashioned library full of smoking chairs and a few secret passageways. Of course, owning a home and dreaming of... »

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