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Gareth Pugh

Gareth Pugh: Molesting the Line Between Fashion and Art

Gareth Pugh, the source of Lady Gaga's sex-robot style, uses collaborative art films to show his new collections. »

Unzip the Possibilities: XYZPDQ

Unzip the Possibilities: XYZPDQ

This isn't the first time someone has used zippers as a fashion statement, but these crazies have decided to reinvent them for the future. Put one on your head, bro. »

Wow, Gainesville Fashion Week, HOT DAMN.

Gainesville Fashion Week 2011 closing night smacks this sleepy college town awake and out of its haze of weed smoke. Time to be fierce, y'all! »

Gainesville Fashion Week 2011 Just Put This City on the Fashion Map

Gainesville Fashion Week 2011 kicked off on Thursday, April 7th. The clothing was unique and the evening was a success. »

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