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DJ VI: The Man Behind Neon Liger

DJ VI: The Man Behind Neon Liger

Vijay Seixas stands in the disc jockey booth made out of a Cadillac, looking down at his iPhone. He slides his finger to unlock his screen, which carries his DJ insignia — a silver rendition of the V for Vendetta logo, with an added lowercase “i.” He checks his Facebook, checks his email and locks it back up again. In front of him, a crowd of roughly 150 people dances, moving in waves to the 1-2-3... »

Rusko Songs cover art

Married to Dubstep: A Reflection on Two Years of Misery – and Growth

We met at a party. Mutual friends introduced us. Now, dubstep and I are coming up on our second anniversary. It was a forced marriage, one I never bargained for, but was shoved down my throat by everyone around me — particularly my techno-loving friends. And today, I stand before you to admit that our loveless marriage may not be so loveless anymore. Dubstep was to enthusiasts of electro what Zooe... »

Laura Jane Grace

Laura Jane Grace: A Gainesville Local’s Look at the Artist Formerly Known as Tom Gabel

Gainesville lost an icon last night—and simulataneously gained a new one. Goodbye Tom Gabel. Hello Laura Jane Grace. The 31-year-old frontman of the band Against Me! announced to Rolling Stone magazine he has always felt more like a she.  The singer identifies as transsexual and is undergoing treatment that could eventually lead to a sex change operation. She said she’s not attracted to men ... »


FWP Best Of April Playlist

Well, that’s a wrap on April. Now, we’re all looking forward to celebrating Mom and of course – that lovely holiday we call Cinco de Mayo. So, frat boys and girls, head to the fridge, grab your Corona. Hipsters, reach for your nearest Tecate. We’re taking a retrospective look at some of the best tracks from the month of April. Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks Genre:... »

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