SOS – “Youth In Decline”

SOS – “Youth In Decline”

By Luke Sipka

Drift into an industrial dream world. Fall asleep in the aches and pains of modern living. SOS’s newest single “Youth In Decline” will take you through a soundscape of beautiful highs and endearing lows that speak the truths of the 20-something culture.

It’s a great track overall. It sounds like a sadder, more culturally relevant version of Enya with much more bass and danceability. I’d recommend if you’re into The XX.

It’s a mixture of industrial, lo-fi R&B, and some darker sides of synth pop. I feel like I’m floating on a cloud, but a sad cloud. A cloud that’s worried its 14-year-old son cloud might be smoking weed and debating whether or not he should confront his son cloud.

The lyrics possess a haunting quality to them. The chorus captures the essence of the song “I think I’m better, better off when I’m drunk or high.” These lines speak of a singer possessed with the fact that many people only find happiness in the dark borders of non-sobriety. Randa Leigh, the vocalist, owns a haunting voice that really makes this song shine. Brian Vincent, the producer, uses ethereal textures to speak of a confused youth culture obsessed with intoxication and the hedonistic lifestyles.

She seems to think that 20-something year olds are in a state of decline. “They’re all 20-something fed up, liquor in their red cup, baby they don’t give a fuck.” She doesn’t offer much of a solution but seems to be expressing her view of where we’re at today. Much of modern popular music fails to capture any of that and glorifies the “turnt up” bullshit lifestyle she appears to be speaking of. SOS captures the darker side of this lifestyle while still retaining the minimal-ish and dark sound that has been making an impact.

Expect an album from SOS in September. This duo is poised to explode. Keep an eye out for them.

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