GPS’ Top Five Songs Of June 2014

GPS’ Top Five Songs Of June 2014

Happy second half of 2014 y’all, AND HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY MY ‘MURICAN BRETHREN. Here are my Top Five tunes that I’ve been jamming to during June.

5. Grum – The Touch

Another single form Grum’s forever forthcoming album (seriously, release it already!), “The Touch” is about just what anyone would expect from any Grum song: downright beautiful. Pianos, vocals and a low, grooving bassline fill up this song to the point that your ears are simply stuffed after listening to it and need to take a break.

4. Mr Oizo – Solid (Feat. Marylin Manson)

That feel when your iTunes is on shuffle and plays a (slightly) older song from your library that you almost forgot you loved.

There’s not much to not like about Mr. Oizo. He’s just about as IDGAFOS as it gets when it comes to music (sorry Dillon). “Solid (feat. Marylin Manson)” is the exemplification of that. The kick is about as fat as a kick can get without being overbearing, and the random notes don’t really generate a feeling other than “wtf.” Add in Manson’s touching vocals and a fat acid drop and you have a tune that is sure to make anyone question their sanity.

2014-05 July Top 5 Oizo

3. Three Bar – Groove On

Three Bar first caught my attention with his remix of Shift K3y’s “Touch” a few months ago.

Fast forward to today, and his debut three tack EP “Groove On” is set to release in a few weeks. The title track off the release is, well, aptly titled, as the groove drives you dancing throughout the song from beginning to end. A vocal sample hits on every beat, yet given it’s redundancy its not even annoying, but welcomed.

2. Riton – Aloha Surfers!

One of the tracks off Riton’s first release on Ed Banger Records in over a year, “Aloha Surfers!” is a downtempo, in-your-face masterpiece. The first chorus contrasts and comes right after a very acidic build. The second completes the expectation our ears want from the first build and brings in all the elements together. A selection of cymbals alternate in the background and gives us a sense of progress.

1. Moody Good – Hotplate (feat. Knytro)

Dubstep is back, yo. Well, it never really left, everyone seems to be on a deep house binge lately. Sure, raging to dubstep was cool circa 2009, but it feels like its been losing its flare since.

Enter Moody Good. His debut LP dropped a few weeks ago and its fuckin’ clutchhhh. The first single, “Hotplate (feat. Knytro),” is just about one of the hardest things my ears have heard in months. Aggressive, loud, metallic and straight raunchy, “Hotplate” always leaves me thinking what the hell I just listened to (in the best of ways). This should come as no surprise though, as Moody Good was once part of the duo 16bit, aka the group that made one of the first tracks that got me into dubstep with their remix of Plan B’s “She Said.”

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