Mark Starr – Mortem EP

Mark Starr – Mortem EP

Mark Starr has just released a new EP on Sounds of Sumo titled Mortem, and its been a long time coming.

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The EP has four originals: “Bass Chant,” “Mortem,” “Lush” and “Some of This.”

The first track off the release, “Bass Chant” starts in a way that sets the tone for the rest of the EP. Big Huge bass notes not only set the groove, but are also in that area where they are more felt more than they are heard (listen to this tune in either a good sound system or at a show ASAP). The title of the song is fitting, to say the least. Some very nice and subtle panning towards the second part of the song give it a nice bit of depth.

“Bass Chant” is followed by “Mortem,” which is quite possibly the one song fans of Mark have been waiting the most for, as he has been rinsing this song out in his sets for quite some time. The build into the first chorus is definitely one of the most ear-catching ones you’ll hear all year. The chorus itself offers contrast from the bass-filled intro and build, hitting your ears with sharp, acidic synth sounds (while still retaining the bouncing kicks).

“Lush” and “Some of This” definitely seem to differ from the first two, while still retaining the bass heavy theme noted throughout the release (mainly notable in the later). “Lush” is the kind of tune you want to vibe to when in a nice lounge with a drink on hand, or when cruising through space. Either works! “Some of This” is pretty out of this world as well, and has a nice vocal that just seems to be begging to be heard, as it dances back and forth with the bass.

Each original of this release also has an accompanying remix. Sephr takes “Bass Chant” and gives it an upward twist, while keeping the vibe steady. Mark Spence & Pete Graham’s remix of “Mortem” is quite scary (even without a vocal saying “6 million ways to die” at the start), but the interesting part is the crazy d’n’b section sandwiched right in the middle. Druid Cloak straight up flips “Lush” into a bangin’, awesome monstrosity and Panda reworks “Some of This” into a chill jam with more clankin’ percussion elements.

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