GPS’ Top 5 Songs Of May 2014

GPS’ Top 5 Songs Of May 2014

Coming in this month’s Top 5 I got producers that made some beautiful pieces of music, and some that straight D.G.A.F.O.S. and made some serious bangers. Enjoy!

5. Astronomar – Ha Ha Ha

A super fat kick…er…kicks off the first song of this month’s roundup. Astronomar’s “Ha Ha Ha” off his Mutant Club EP is weird, bro. Simple in nature, the song starts off fun, and then the chorus brings in a bassline (as well as other random sounds) that almost acts as if it is part of the kick.

You hear actual clear laughter for a few moments in the song, but if a ghost could laugh, the lead, haunting noise you hear throughout the song would probably be what it sounds like.

D.G.A.F.O.S. Level: 8

4. Alex Metric & Oliver – Galaxy

The last time I saw these two together on anything was when they toured together as opening acts for Zedd’s Moment Of Clarity last year. So seeing them together in a song is about infinitesimally better in my opinion.

Galaxy is the third track off their Hope EP (the whole this is amazing btw, be sure to check the full stream here!). Galaxy is personally the most relaxing of the release. A clean piano starts the song off strong, and is quite infectious. A second piano later comes in, along with a very twang-y melody to make this a smooth ride from start to finish.

3. Pharell Williams – Happy (NEUS Remix)

NEUS is no new name for anyone that follows the French music scene. I personally know him for his hard-ass electro jams. However, he is a “versatile dude” as he puts it, and his remix for Pharell’s “Happy” is a massive example of that.

Sure, you’ve heard the original more times than you can count (be it voluntarily or not), but NEUS’ take on it will give you something new to listen to a million and one times. Spread the word, he’s trying to make it an official remix!

2. Handbraekes – Chyna

Handbraekes is the love child of Boys Noize and Mr. Oizo. Their first release (aptly titled #1) came out over two years ago. Their second release #2 finally came out today (the release, not actual poop, silly).

Chyna is a combination of…well…I don’t know. It’s a melting pot of randomness arranged in such a way that it straight bangs. Put Mr. Oizo into anything and it will get about as D.G.A.F.O.S. as it can get.

D.G.A.F.O.S. Level: 10

1. Eyes Everywhere – L’Hitraot

A homage to a late friend, “L’Hitraot” is a new, free release by Eyes Everywhere. The msuic really speaks for itself here to say the least. So give it a play (or download and listen) and enjoy the musical journey.

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