Bixel Boys – Empire EP

Bixel Boys – Empire EP

By Jessica and GPS

Yahoooo the new Bixel Boys EP has officially landed!

A whooping breath of fresh air, Rob and Ian are innovative, fun, and full of energy. Their big room-underground crossbreed of a sound is quickly taking over festivals and setting fire to the dancefloor. The EP features two tunes, both very different from the other.

The title track “Empire” is as minimal as it is massive. The intro and build has us expecting something, but what it ends up giving us is an unexpected.crazy bassline that alternates its growls at us. Steady in energy, “Empire” is a great piece for any late night set.

“Clutch” is its own little monster. Right form the start you have various minor sounds that play well together. Shortly after it starts though, the song gets straight to business, adding more and more sounds that after the first minute is over, your ears are pleasantly full from eating its appetizers that they are ready for the main course of the drop. Driven by horns and a chopped vocal, the drop is phat (with a “ph”). The melody of the horns and the beat of the drums (and that very occasional rolling hi hat!) fill up your ears and leave it with the audio equivalent of a food baby.

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