GPS’ Top 5 Songs of April 2014

GPS’ Top 5 Songs of April 2014

Woah now, where the hell did April go? Wasn’t WMC like just last week?

It looks like another month has closed and we are now almost halfway through 2014 (yikes/woohoo)! With that, I have another Top 5 for you. Yeah, it’s a tad late, but I had a nice gig in Gainesville this past weekend (shoutout to The Motor Room) that featured some of the bellow tracks. Enjoy!

5. Shift K3y – Touch (Three Bar Remix)

Shift K3y is this dubstep-turned-awesome singer/songwriter/producer from the UK who had his huge single “Touch” released on Columbia records earlier this year. Three Bar was one of the two on remix duty (along with motherfucking GRUM), and it came out all sorts of amazing. The way the bassline dances with Shift Key’s voice is just soothing.

4. Lux Groove – From the Back

The lovely thing about bass is that it can be felt as much as it is heard (or more). Lux Groove’s “From The Back” is a prime example of a song that wants to be felt. The bass basically pushes you while you dance.

I played this beast in the middle of my set over the weekend and it did nothing short of making everyone go crazy.

3. Justin Martin & Eats Everything – Steven Jello

Something special happens every time Justin Martin and Eats Everything produce a song together. It’s almost like a universal law.

“Steven Jello” adds to their collection of collaborations. Already featured on the Hard Summer trailer and played by the dirtybirds on Holy Ship, “Steve Jello” features a massive fart-like bass (nothing to ever be ashamed of), this trippy melody of sliding notes, and this metalic-sounding percussion that gets crazier as the song progresses.

2. DJ Blaqstarr – Hands Up Thumbs Down (Eyes Everywhere Bootleg) [Free Download Here]

The dons Eyes Everywhere are back again. These two dudes from Buffalo are shitting out tracks left and right, and its all so good!

This bootleg is, of course, no different. They took DJ Blaqstarr’s menacing “Hands Up Thumbs Down” and flipped into a dance-floor stomper. Sure, the intro immediately gets you thinking about the original, but trust me, this booty gets better as you listen to it.

Just click play.

1. Thee Cool Cats – Hand On The Pump

Ok, this one has been known for a while apparently, but it still bangs.

Having been uploaded to Amine Edge’s soundcloud a year ago, Thee Cool Cat’s “Hand On The Pump” was finally officially released last week.

Catchy vocals, a very in-your-face/you-better-get-dancing bassline, and a tempo that just makes you wan to groove, “Hand On The Pump” is nothing short of a pumping G-House classic.
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