Eyes Everywhere Presents Booty Crystals 4: L’Hitraot

Eyes Everywhere Presents Booty Crystals 4: L’Hitraot

Eyes Everywhere.

These guys never cease to impress me in both their songwriting and originality. Their newest free release, titled “L’Hitraot,” is among the best they’ve done yet, and my personal favorite.

While this song is notably different from their usual booty-shaking music, it is also a very special song for the duo. Eyes Everywhere wrote and dedicated this song to their late friend Yaron Bernstein, who passed away six months ago. A close friend, Yaron supported Eyes, becoming their first manager and even getting them their first out-of-town gig.

Full of emotion, “L’Hitraot” is a musical adventure from beginning to end. I listen to this song and think of it as just that: a song that tells a great story.

L’Hitraot his Hebrew for “see you soon,” to remember that the inevitable end for us all will simply be coming to the party, and Yaron was never late to the party.

- Brian (1/2 of Eyes Everywhere)

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