Chromeo’s White Women Is A Funky Masterpiece

Chromeo’s White Women Is A Funky Masterpiece

By Luke Sipka

Chromeo, the self titled “only successful Arab/Jewish partnership since the dawn of human culture”, brings smooth electro funk to my sweet ear pieces with their latest album White Women. Chromeo has been eliminating panties and reminiscing in the candy-coated sounds of Hall and Oates for a little more than ten years. They’re the kind of group you can play at 5 AM in a dark room or at your nephew’s Bar Mitzvah when Grandma Chelouche decides its time to get down. Mazel Tov!

The Canadian duos latest record tiptoes on the border between pop and a more underground dance sound. Few groups have been able to stick to their routes and breach the pop barricade as well as Dave 1 and P-Thugg.

The album starts with a guitar riff that jams itself inside your head and won’t leave. It is a little bit “Katy Perry”, but I can forgive. “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)” gets the album off with a bang and is sure to be a song you won’t forgot. It could feature Chromeo’s catchiest hook ever.

Next comes the lovely Toro Y Moi feature, “Come Alive.” I can’t help but hear Hall and Oates. Chromeo caught my “private eyes” with this one. Lots of “rich girls” will be getting down with Chromeo providing the “adult education.” Dave 1 and P-Thugg, your Kiss is “on my list.” You “make my dreams come true.”

I feel my pants slowly coming down as “Over Your Shoulder” comes on. I’m at the gym and this no place for love making or de-panting, but if you’re looking for a dance ballad to share with your favorite colleague of the sheets, Chromeo has got you covered.

The next track, “Sexy Socialite,” takes me on a six minute voyage between 80s pop funk and extended atmospheric arpeggios panning across my face. The song catches me early on and continues for almost six minutes.

White Women starts with a large upbeat section. While these first tracks have received much of the attention, the strength of the album lies in some of its softer moments. “Lost on the Way Home” speaks beauty with the help of Solange. The album takes a chilled out dive with “Ezra’s Interlude.” Featuring Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend, this track gives the album a nice emotional break.

“Old 45’s” brings on moments of nostalgia to the album. The song talks about dancing to old jukebox 45’s and makes me reminisce on older times. The album fades out with “Fall Back 2U.” Treading on Chromeo’s more playful side, it features both a sax and vocoder solo. Its vintage disco at its best with a modern feel.

White Women is one of Chromeo’s most emotional releases. With the emotion also comes a dance pop classic that is Dave 1 and P-thugg at their finest. The album showcases a group ten years in the making that is really coming into their sound.

Chromeo – White Women out now on iTunes and Beatport!

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