Astronomar – Mutant Club EP

Astronomar – Mutant Club EP

You’re at a restaurant. Not just any restaurant, a super fancy restaurant.

In it, you have a menu of unparalleled, unique options. Plate’s that have combinations of food you would have never imagined. No matter what you choose, you’ll never know what you’ll.

Substitute the food for music, and you basically have Main Course. The brainchild of Astronomar, Neoteric, and Bot, Main Course is a record label that is always determined to give you all the tunes you never knew you wanted, and then some.

Astronomar’s newest EP Mutant Club EP was recently released on Main Course. Aptly titled, Mutant Club features four, straight weird tunes designed for the club. The lead track “Gargoile” is twisty and riddles with a slightly distorted kick.

This tune is followed up next by “Drama,” a collaboration with Bot. Some may irk at the use of a “big room”-style “drop” (or whatever you call it), but don’t worry, this tune is strange enough to make that sound more than welcoming. To keep it interesting, this song seems to change melodies completely every few bars, making it seem like several songs packed into one.

“Ha Ha Ha,” my personal favorite tune of this release, has a spooooooky sound in it. The track is built around this sound that sounds like it came from a ghost. Add Astronomar’s tendency to make any random sounds work together (dat bassline tho), and you got a melting post of sounds.

The release finishes off with “Thot Process.” Think of a roided up duck screaming into a mic, that’s what the main sound in this tune is. If you want to get stupid, this is the song for you.

And as if you needed another reason to cop this, all Main Course releases are free to download for the first month! So go over to Main Course’s Soundcloud to grab a free copy of this release until June 6!

Astronomar on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.
Main Course on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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