GPS’ Top 5 Tracks Of March 2014: MMW/WMC Edition

GPS’ Top 5 Tracks Of March 2014: MMW/WMC Edition

Holy shit, WMC/MMW this year was nuuuuuts.

From the The Bromance & Friends Show, to the inaugural Good Times Miami, to the Red Bull Guest House, to Hard Miami and more, I did a lot of dancing this past week.

Which obviously means I heard a ton of great music, so here’s the Top 5 songs I heard this week that absolutely smashed parties.

5. Helix – Drum Track

Who played this? Para One @ Bromance & Friends.
A staple from the Night Slugs crew, “Drum Track” by ATL’s Helix was one of the prime tunes played by Para One during his set at Bromance & Friends.

As the name implies, this tune is all about the beat. Well, many beats, actually. Uptempo and all the fuck over the place with various different drum sounds (as well as a synth lead that pans so subtly), “Drum Track” is easily classifiable as a “what the hell do you even call this?” type of music, which is always a good thing.

4. Drums Of Death – Let No Shadow Fall Upon You

Who played this? (motherfucking) 2manydjs @ Bardot Saturday night.
Speaking of tracks with “drum” in the title, there’s this monstrosity of a tune. A song sporadic in nature, “Let No Shadow Fall Upon You” jumps between melodic pianos and vocals, and a very crazy dark synth. It’s almost as if it’s two different songs that were pasted together, for an awesome result.

3. Benson & Daniel Farley – Tight Threaded (Go Freek Remix)

Who played this? Treasure Fingers @ The Warm Up!
If G-House style vocals and acid house had a baby, Go Freek’s remix of “Tight Threaded” would be the result. Go Freek takes the vocals of the original and adds enough acid to get you to the hospital.

This song was a tremendously rare treat to hear, especially given Treasure Fingers vibe-y nature.

2. Panteros666 – Baby F-16

Who played this? Canblaster @ Bromance & Friends, Amtrac b2b Jack Beats @ Good Times Miami Day 2.
Possibly the song I heard the most in all the parties I went to, “Baby F-16” by Club Cheval member Panteros666 came out late last year, and it’s obviously still going strong. Between what seems to have been Canblaster’s own remix of it (full of broken beats a la Canblaster’s Rave’n’B style) and Amtrac and Jack beats playing it in their b2b set at Good Times, crowds went nuts over this song.

No drops here, just a smooth, musical ride.

1. Mariah Carey – You’re Mine (Eternal) (Gregor Salto & Funkin Matt Remix)

Who played this? The Knocks at Bardot Saturday night.
Gregor Salto and Funkin Matt remixed Mariah Carey’s “You’re Mine (Eternal)” into a dance floor anthem. The lead notes and Mariah’s vocals seem to dance just too well together. The occasional pitched up and down vocal screams add icing to an already awesome musical cake.

The Knocks played this during their set a Bardot playing after 2manydjs, and I don’t remember the last time a song gave me mad feels like the way this one did.

Combine that with the intimate setting that is Bardot, and you got feels for days (I or may not have had this playing non-stop whilst writing this post).
2014-03-31 feels

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