Jacuzzi – Seppuku Pt. 1 Featuring Mr. Carmack

Jacuzzi – Seppuku Pt. 1 Featuring Mr. Carmack

This stuff just hits me. Hawaain savant team Mr. Carmack and Jacuzzi have done it yet again.

Over the past year, Carmack has taken the beat scene with an iron fist and not let go. With his empty bass heavy beats he has managed to create a loyal following in both the continental United States and its small island cousins. With heavy support from labels like Soulection, he’s been taking the world of beats by storm.

He’s teamed up with the young Jacuzzi to create a sizzling EP that leaves me needing more. I hope this collaboration continues because they’re bringing me the music I want at the most random of times. Carmack has become notorious for his random Soundcloud releases and a work ethic that would make many diligent Harvard Law grads feel like they didn’t work hard enough to get there.

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It’s a dirty grime filled Jacuzzi party this time. I feel like I’m in a future world inhabited by slime covered trap stars. It bangs, it booms, it scares young children but makes sure to give them an ice cream cone after so they at least have a smile on after their face has melted.

It’s a short and sweet EP that’s full of bass. “Twilight” will give you a nice massage if you’re sporting subs in your 1992 Chevy Astro van. Don’t worry though, even without the bass, the production on this two track release will leave your ears asking for a second course.

The sound design on this beat quickie shines with the same luster as an upper middle class house wife’s fluoride treated teeth. Its impeccably clean, but you can tell something dirty is going on underneath that silk Versace dress.

The second track, “Torture”, features a lead that’s both confusing and intriguing. I can’t tell if he sampled himself talking or found a recording of someone actually being tortured and looped it through a vocoder. Either way, its a good torture. I’d get tortured like that.

Keep your eyes peeled for this duo to keep dropping beats. Hawaii’s bass scene is booming. These two are at the forefront and hopefully will continue to be friends for quite some time. May the beats continue on.

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