Maelstrom – Discord EP

Maelstrom – Discord EP

Merriam Webster defines Maelstrom as “a powerful often violent whirlpool sucking in objects within a radius.” For the French producer Maelstrom, that about checks out.

Powerful? Yes.

Violent? Yes.

Sucking objects in (via powerful, violent music)? Definitely.

Whirlpool? Well…maybe, since his music might get you wet (ladies).

Maelstrom released his new Discord EP on The Hacker and Gesaffelstein’s imprint ZONE, and it has that nasty French touch.

The EP features three tracks, all with varying styles. While each is vastly different from the others, they compliment each other well for a release.

“Discord,” the first track of the release, starts off very eerie, as if you’re walking into an dark abyss. This is followed by a pulsing chorus that marks what you will find to be only the start of the madness, as the second build and chorus lands a pile of overdriven synths right into your face.

“Scanner” takes the tempo up and breaks the beats. If “Discord” is the opening track for a horror movie, then “Scanner” is definitely what you’d be hearing int he climax. Whipping sounds and heavy kicks make this tune a wild ride.

Interestingly, this release ends on a less scary note. “Tank Driver” is the finale of this story and, personally, I feel as though it would go great with a vocal treatment. Smooth and relaxing, this is definitely a song I’ll be playing on my late night drives.

Maelstrom – Discord EP [ZONE]: Beatport | iTunes

Maelstrom on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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