Dude Skywalker: ‘You never know what to expect from us, but we’re always going to keep the vibes’

Dude Skywalker: ‘You never know what to expect from us, but we’re always going to keep the vibes’

Dude Skywalker, comprised of three amigos Sam Plesset, Fabio Galarce and Alex Borges, abide to the rules of having a good time.

Having just released their Soular System EP on Indie Shuffle last week, and having some serious shows under their belt (including a Boiler Room), the three seem to have a great journey ahead of them.


“Dude Skywalker kind of came about because we’re always chilling in an environment like this [a very chill spot with an even chiller vibe],” Fabio said.

“I met Fabio first, he introduced me to Sam. I was kinda already into music,” Alex said, who was a freshman in college when the other two were graduating.

The Dude was formed one night when they were all chilling by the pool and Sam had gotten a new beatpad. “Sam and I had already worked on a few edits and stuff when we were in college. We messed around, nothing serious,” said Alex. “But one day we were chilling and worked on a track all together and figured to just roll with it.”

As much as the group does various DJ sets, the idea of a live performance is something they don’t plan on ruling out. “We’ve fabled with it a few times. We opened for Midnight Magic. The power went out like three times, but it was fun though!” said Fabio. “It’s something we definitely want to do in the future,” said Alex.

“People know that DJs aren’t really doing much on stage, they either want the DJ playing some vinyl or some old school shit, or bringing a live element into the mix,” said Sam. “I almost think its going to be necessary over the next four or five years or you could just be a DJ in a bar.”

But deciding between a live performance or a DJ set isn’t the primary concern for the Dudes.

“What really matters is that whatever comes out of the speakers sounds good,” Fabio said. “You want to be creative, you want to push the envelope. DJs are a dime a dozen. Good DJs? Not really.

“The disco ball, back in the day, would reflect the light onto the dance floor, the focus was on the dance floor. Now, because you go see a DJ, the only reason you go see him is because the light is behind him. So people, instead of dancing, bounce around and stare at this wall of light, which is awesome, don’t get me wrong. But they aren’t dancing as hard as if the light was above them.”

2014-2 Dude Skywalker Middle

Of course, the musical styles of Dude Skywalker is the type of music you’d expect to hear under a disco ball.

“The more aggressive the song, the more you gear towards the male demographic and that hard, ‘bro, we’re gonna go fuckin hard and shit.’ We’re not about that at all,” exclaimed Fabio. “You don’t know what to expect from us, but we’re going to keep the vibes, keep it underground, and if you ever see us out and we’re not spinning, you’ll either see us taking shots at the bar or raging on the dance floor,” said Alex.

With three people in a group, it’s unsurprising that each are influenced by different things, and bring it all to the table. “Most of my influences come from old music, like The Doors and old school hip-hop. If you check out some songs in our Soundcloud, they’re are influenced by those kinds of things,” said Sam. “The Mars Volta are amazing.”

“We like to get trippy as shit, and avant-garde, experimental with our music and keep on developing it to crazier and crazier sound. We’re about crazy shit, sound-wise,” said Alex.

Their Space Joints mix series is a prime example of this.

“We’re always on the hunt for the new stuff, but there’s nothing wrong with playing a song people like,” said Fabio. “We listen to a lot of different stuff and put it all together [in Space Joints]. We call it that because it could come from anywhere.”

“I think the future for us is standing apart from the noise. And I don’t mean the noise music-wise, noise as in the scene. There’s a shitload of music being made right now, and a lot of good music. There’s nothing wrong with that, but for us if we’re making music, we want people to hear it.”

The Dude’s on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

Also, check out their upcoming Together EP, which comes out tomorrow on petFood music!

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