Life In Color Miami – Wet, Sticky And Plenty Of Bass

Life In Color Miami – Wet, Sticky And Plenty Of Bass

Life In Color has come quite a long way from throwing parties in college campuses throughout Florida, especially considering their latest stop in Miami drew in over 25,000 attendees and was held at Sun Life Stadium.

Paint much?


We arrived at the grounds as 2 Chainz was about to begin his special performance. The whole set was slammed with countless jams. Throwing down songs like “Feds Watching,” “No Lie,” “Birthday Song,” and “I’m Different.” The addition of him on the lineup was indeed, wait for it, different, as it is the first Hip-Hop act ever to be booked in Life In Color’s history.

His addition stirred up a lot of backlash online (“This isn’t even EDM, it’s crap,” etc), but it seems that all those haters shut the hell up, or didn’t show up at all, since just about everyone was jamming hard to his performance (be it in the crowd, or the ferris wheel and zip lines set up right behind them). All in all though, he left the most memorable performance of the night.

2013 - 12 Crowd-1

Steve Aoki’s set following 2 Chainz started with some sound cutting off, a minor setback but was quickly fixed. Per usual Aoki style, his set was chuck full of bangers including his collab with Chris Lake and Tujamo “Boneless” (aka “WHO” pt. 2) and Tommy Trash’s remix of his original “Ladi Dadi.”

We spent the majority of our time in the Bass Stage. It had the most interesting production of the two main stages featuring an LED “ring” surrounding the DJ booth and tilted toward the crowd. When viewed from the front, the ring and the rest of the production made it seem like the DJ booth were in the mouth of a very creepy face.

Headhunterz kept the tempo up and the style hard throughout his set. The size of the South Florida Hardstyle fanbase never ceases to amaze me. Dirtyphonics was up next and their set was introduced with one of many paint blasts throughout the night. They started their set with Loudpvck’s remixes of “Fuzzy Peach” and “Shakedown” (one of my favorite songs of the night). Some serious bass was had during their set.

2013 - 12 Excision-1

Excision was up next, and fuck were we excited for it. If I had to explain his style and sets to someone, I usually say that it’s what you get from putting music through a blender and it coming out twisted, and awesome. His set jumped between broken beats and four-to-the-floor, and tempos from a very wide range (indeed a roller coaster of (twisted) emotion). Biggest surprise from his set? Hearing GTA’s “The Crowd” in the midst of all the chaos.

Major Lazer went on next to close out the Bass Stage. This set really displayed the evolution of Major Lazer’s style over the past few years. While they played their usual pumping bangers like “Original Don,” their remix of Bunji Garlin’s “Differentology” and the classic “Zombie Nation” by Kernkraft 400, we were hard pressed not to hear a shit ton of trap and other bass heavy genres. Notably (and awesomely), they threw in a trap rework of their original classic “Pon Di Floor,” Kid Kamillion’s trap rework of A-Trak’s remix of “Heads Will Roll” and a trap remix of “Jet Blue Jet.”

2013 - 12 MajorLazer-10

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Major Lazer set without some girls getting ratchet. “This is the ultimate I-don’t-give-a-fuck” festival!” exclaimed Miami-native Walshy Fire, after which he ordered each side of the crowd to take off any form of clothing and throw it to the other side at the same time. What followed was basically a rainbow of clothes being tossed in the air.

The crazy (and normal for the MJ crew) did’t stop there, as they then asked “some girls with bubble butts to get on stage.” Unfortunately, more girls rushed the stage than security could allow, but those that made it gave their twerk their all as they played “Express Yourself.”

2013 - 12 MajorLazer-28

We should mention that it was raining annoyingly on and off throughout the night. But in the end, no one indeed gave a fuck.

GPS is a co-owner and editor at Fresh Wet Paint, resides in Miami, and kinda likes music. Stalk him on Twitter.

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