Fat And Ugly – EXXE (Originals + BS1 Remix)

Fat And Ugly – EXXE (Originals + BS1 Remix)

Fat And Ugly, a most appropriate name for this Berlin based producer since, well, his tunes are fat…and really fuckin’ ugly (in the best of ways).

Don’t worry about his songs’ nutritional facts though, the calories you’ll burn listening to them more than compensate for the fat intake.

Having not heard anything from him since his insanely unique banger “Elephant Attack” in 2010 (listen bellow), I was surprised and more than happy to hear of this new release via BS1(more on them later).

This release features two originals: “XE” and “EX.” “XE”is that tune with dat steady riddim’, snippy percussion and beefy, obese melody. “EX,” on the other hand, seems to be “XE”‘s neglected cousin that smoked too much and spent time in juvie. Hell, it even has vocals about freedom.

This release is topped off with a bitchin’ remix of “XE” by BS1. Dark, twisted and straight up weird, this remix finishes off the release in a spooky tone. As one friend described the song, it makes him “want to hump the air.”

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Fat and Ugly – EXXE [Gold Nite Records]: Beatport

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And the classic that introduced us to Fat And Ugly:

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