III Points Music, Art And Technology Festival October 3-5, 2013

2013-10 III points

Miami has become a bit of a normal, cyclical thing as far as it’s music scene goes: Winter Music Conference and Ultra comes and goes during March and then there are scattered (though notable) events throughout the rest of the year, including shows at the Klipsch Amphitheater, mini-festivals that come and go (or not at all, R.I.P. UR1), as well as your regular shows scattered throughout midtown, downtown and South Beach.

And then there is III Points.

Taking place starting tomorrow in Wynwood, III Points is not only a music festival, but an art and technology festival as well. It being it’s inaugural year, the location couldn’t be more fitting.

Featuring a line-up including James Murphy, Jamie XX, DJ Shadow, Hercules And Love Affair, Brodinski, Louisahhh!, Jerome LOL, Samo Sound Boy and plenty of local acts like Afrobeta, Dude Skywalker, Austin Paul, Chalk, Millionyoung, III Points seems to have all bases covered (DJ Shadow pun intended).

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The art and technology aspects features the likes of LAB Miami, TM Sisters, the David Lynch foundation and many more.

The festival was launched by Bardot’s music director David Sinopoli (or “The Godfather of III Points,” as Austin Paul called him in a recent interview) after he took the Young Turk’s crew for a walk around Wynwood a few months back.

“Caius [Pawson], he’s the owner of Young Turks, the head cheese over there, and he turns to me and he’s like, ‘Man, warehouse parties, everywhere,’” Sinopoli told the Miami New Times. “When he said that to me, it was validation from somebody that does stuff on a global scale that he could see it too.”

The event will be over the course of three days and nights, starting tomorrow and lasting through Sunday night, and over various venues and locations. There will be various free events held during the day, including musical chairs, beer bingo, a gaming lounge and more held at these venues, which are meant to help showcase the venues’ purpose in Wynwood. If you’re down for some BBQ, both The Young Turk’s and DFA Records will be hosting their own BBQs Friday and Saturday respectively!

Though the festival is music-heavy, Sinopoli assures us that he aims to make it more than that.

“We want to do a conference, we want to have a conversation, we want to have an intellectually stimulating thing. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be somebody preaching on a panel. It can be us all engaging in an experience-based event,” says Sinopoli.

III Points schedule and ticket info.

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