Housemeister – AYCB Sessions EP

Housemeister – AYCB Sessions EP

To be surreal is to be good.

With all the recycled, formulaic same-old same-old going around, we need the surreal to take us out of our comfort zone and rock our fucking minds.

That’s where people like Housemiester come in.

Mainly known for his releases through Boysnoize Records, Housemeister also has his own label, AYCB (All You Can Beat). It’s next release, AYCB Sessions, consists of four originals by Housemeister himself. While he considers this “more experimental” compared to his other stuff, it all has the kind of steady beat you can jam and vibe out to. Though, keep in mind, these aren’t “bangers,” since this release seems more for having fun (but you can totally get down to this at a club).

This release starts off with “Scrubber,” which sets a tone of weirdness: random sounds here and there and a winding synth throughout. The textures get crazier as the song progresses. Then there’s “Plutonomy 1″ and “Plutonomy 2,” both of which are quite similar in terms of sounds, but differentiate in that the first eventually focuses more on interesting drum work. The second goes into making the instruments sound wonkier and crazier. The release ends with “Skillshot,” which seems to be a striped-down, simplified “Scrubber” that has a steadier, more prominent beat, while still retaining the weirdness of “Scrubber.”

This music ain’t EDM, this music is Housemeister.

Housemeister – AYCB Sessions [AYCB]: Beatport

Housemeister on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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