Claude VonStroke – Can’t Wait / The Clapping Track [dirtybird]

Claude VonStroke – Can’t Wait /  The Clapping Track [dirtybird]

The head hancho of the dirtybird flock has released two new, fun singles — “Can’t Wait” and “The Clapping Track.”

“Can’t Wait” is reminiscent of his older, deeper tunes. To me it sounds like it’s the distant cousin of Claude’s classic tune “Who’s Afraid of Detroit.” Clocking in at just over eight minutes, this song features plenty of simple sounds woven together that keeps your attention throughout its whole duration. After the intro, you are taken into a brief breakdown. It almost sounds as if it could be a long adventure video game you once played in your youth. A nice, grooving bass and simple clean piano help tie the segments of the song together.

As the name suggests, “The Clapping Track” is what happens when Mr. VonStroke takes 16 different clap samples and puts them together in one fun song. While the claps are constantly heard throughout almost the entire song, be it as part of the drums or a cut into an ovational applause for a few bars, the song also features the use of an organ in various parts to give a sense of progression. This song is a roller coaster of energy.

Both are gong to be included in his upcoming third album, “Urban Animal,” which we can’t wait for!

Claude VonStroke – Can’t Wait / The Clapping Track [dirtybird]: Beatport | iTunes | Drip (Birdhouse members only)

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