GPS’ Top 5 Tunes For June 2013

GPS’ Top 5 Tunes For June 2013

After a long hiatus from this series, I’m back with my latest installment of my top five tunes for the month. Listen, read about my picks and enjoy!

5. Eyes Everywhere – Poppers [Free Download] Our friends Eyes Everywhere from Buffalo, New York released some free new jams yesterday and among them was this beast. Right off the bat you’re introduced to a fluttery, fat bassline and stuttered vocals that is constant throughout. It also features two steady breakdowns, which are followed by near-identical choruses with plenty of sound on the low end and “pop” samples.
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4. Tesla Boy – M.C.H.T.E. [Beatport | iTunes] Quite possibly my favorite song from Tesla Boy’s new album The Universe Made Of Darkness, M.C.H.T.E. starts off with strong lead vocals, which is eventually accompanied by amazing live drums and 80′s synthpop style synths. While new, this song, as well as the album, definitely sounds like it’s from another era.

3. Disclosure – Confess To Me feat. Jessie Ware [Beatport | iTunes] What’s not to like about Disclosure? Don’t worry, that was a rhetorical question. After letting singles like “White Noise,” “Latch feat. Sam Smith,” and “When A Fire Starts To Burn” sink in, I definitely found “Confess To Me” as another great song that can easily stand out as a single aside from the album. The synth is definitely on the weirder side of things as far as their normal material, but Jessie Ware’s vocals ties it all together into a great, yet interesting, musical journey.
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2. Kolsch – Loreley [Beatport | iTunes] We’re taking it back to 2010 for the number two song. Kolsh is a man that has a very unique, near-uncategorizable style. He never seems to have an issue standing out from most other producers. While the basic, repetitive kick may seem all too familiar with dance music fans, it’s the melody that makes this song special. So simple, yet so beautiful. It takes a lot for something so simple to be so repetitive throughout a song and not get annoying, and “Loreley” accomplishes that perfectly.

1. Destructo – Higher (Brodinski Remix) [Beatport | iTunes] Related Reading: Destructo – Higher EP
While many may know Brodinski for the awesome and crazy techno he produces and plays out, not many have yet to hear the man behind Bromance Records throw down a nasty hip-hop and trap DJ set. Featuring breakdowns full of sub bass and rolling hi-hats and choruses so dark you think you’re in the dark ages, his remix of Destructo’s “Higher” brings those two styles together into one bitchin’ song.

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