FAUL Brings Woodwinds To The Deep End

FAUL Brings Woodwinds To The Deep End

Let’s be real now, when it comes to dance music, the French do it best. That goes double when breaking the norm.

FAUL does it different by incorporating woodwinds with his music, and we couldn’t be happier.

He flew onto my radar when I heard “Changes (Feat. Wad Ad).” It’s one of those rare songs that gets your attention just after the first few seconds of it. With a clean piano, a smooth rolling bass and child gang vocals, “Changes” is one of those soothing songs. The track shines through with the alto sax is introduced and lays down a swing-like melody. It gives it a taste of jazz, creating a fuller sound that makes “Changes” stand out from the crowd.

“Happy Endings” is relaxing in a similar way. The vocals speak to you about the everyday struggle called life, but says to stop and think about what you have. This vocal sample is followed by another saxophone lead with a melody so nice it really does the job of making you forget about all your woes.

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FAUL – Changes (Feat. Wad Ad) [Free Download]

FAUL – Happy Endings [Free Download]

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