Casino Gold – Tonight EP

Casino Gold – Tonight EP

There’s just too much free music coming out of the West Coast! After Wood Holly gave us some awesome tech house flips of A$AP Rocky, Black Hippies & Future, Casino Gold is out with a new free EP titled Tonight.

Trying something fresh as opposed to their usual crazy and energetic techno, Casino Gold‘s new, two-track release explores the deeper, smoother side of dance music. And that’s awesome because, let’s be real here, we’re all ready to bury the banger.

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The title track, “Tonight,” takes the tempo down. It’s slow enough to both vibe to, but still has enough kick to make you dance it out. Many of the sounds in this song are constant and steady, adding to the groove. “Superficial” seems to be “Tonight” in a different flavor. While both have similar elements, it can be said that “Superficial” is just a little bit simpler. The sounds used work best together to deliver a smooth tune.

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