Bart B More – Napoleon Saga EP [OWSLA]

Bart B More – Napoleon Saga EP [OWSLA]

Bart B More is a man that always wants to give us more. Be it releasing his or other artists’ music through his label Secured, uploading hours and hours of mixtapes for our listening pleasure, or, in this case, blowing us out of the water with his new EP, “Napoleon Saga.”

The title track “Napoleon” features a distinctive, fun and catchy lead line that hooks the listener, and the chorus sounds like a synthesizer getting slapped in the ass, screaming for [B] more. “Saga” is the energizer of this fun-crazy combo release, seeping with energy throughout the track, perfect for any peak-time set (or if you want to make your morning work commute epic).

“I always enjoy experimenting with my music and with this EP I wanted to blend different styles into the tracks. Napoleon is named after a special friend (not that French guy) and has a prodigy-inspired UK rave meets reggae kinda vibe. With Saga, I took a disco house meets screaming synth-lines approach with big snare roll build-ups and weird twists. I hope you’ll like the tracks as much as I enjoyed making them.” – Bart B More

Bart B More – Napoleon Saga EP out now on OWSLA: Beatport

The release was already available yesterday for members of OWSLA’s service, The Nest (which you should join).

Stream a preview of the EP and a promotional mix Bart B More made for the release below!

Bart B More on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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