Maelstrom – Resistance EP

Maelstrom – Resistance EP

With artists such as Gesaffelstein, Brodinski and the like having already established themselves among the rank of dark, crazy techno, I’d like to introduce you all to another name you should all know: Maelstrom.

Hailing from France (where basically all great electronic music comes from), Maelstrom combines the “sounds of classic Detroit techno sounds with elements of modern electro but with French class and sophistication.” His latest EP Resistance, is no exception.

Upon hearing the title track, shivers went down my spine. “Resistance” starts with a sound that sounds like you’re hearing a song in reverse, followed by a vocal that seems like it belongs in a rally protesting people in power. After a smooth silence, you are hit with what might just be one of the craziest sounds I have heard yet!

“Hunger” and “The Line” are full of broken beats with a minimal use of sounds, but sounds that all mesh well to make two amazing songs. The EP closes with “Three Girls,” which easily feels like an outro to the release than a song you’d hear in a club like the other three.

But Maelstrom is no one-trick pony. His craft extends beyond dark techno with releases on labels including Dirtybird and Sound Pelegrino, displaying an awesome dirty tech house sound. He also produces under the name Joann, an alias he created to “showcase a sound closer to early era dubstep with pop and R&B leanings.”

Stream the EP bellow and check out Maelstrom’s latest mix!

Maelstrom on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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