Jacques Lu Cont & Proxy At Grand Central July 6

Jacques Lu Cont & Proxy At Grand Central July 6

If you’re down to celebrate the 4th of July weekend in the craziest way possible, you should make your way to Grand Central Saturday, July 6.

Why, you might ask? Because the good folks at Poplife are bringing two crazy DJs from the other side of the Atlantic.

First off, we have Proxy. This Russian madman is known to make tunes so crazy that it makes you wonder if you’re in the middle of a war in Soviet Russia (Hell. one of his latest releases is titled Music From the Eastblock Jungles). Inspired to become a producer after attending a Prodigy show in the Red Square in Moscow in 1997, Proxy is recognized worldwide for his incredibly unique productions that set him apart from the others.

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Headlining the night is Jacques Lu Cont. As French as that name sounds, it is actually a moniker of Stuart Prince, the three-time Grammy award-wining Englishman who has worked with New Order, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Missy Elliott, Scissor Sisters, The Killers and many others. His work in dance music has been supported by the likes of Boys Noize, Skrillex, Brodinski, Alex Metric, Oliver and many more. He had an album come out this year under Tracques (yet another one of his monikers) on TLANTIC RECORDS. A man bound to no specific sound, you can expect his set to be all over the place.

Who: Jacques Lu Cont and Proxy.
Where: Grand Central (697 N Miami Ave Miami, FL 33136)
When: Saturday, July 6
Tickets: Purchase Tickets Here

Proxy on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.
Jacques Lu Cont on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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