The Dream of the ’90s is Alive: Miista Shoes

The Dream of the ’90s is Alive: Miista Shoes

The ’90s are over – as if! The stench of teen spirit is wafting through the air and we are diving head first into the styles of our childhoods.

The Miistas are the shoes to put your feet in. Created by Miss Laura Villasenin settled happily in Hackney, London, Miistas are designed for the “headstrong woman” looking for a bit of “elegance.” This according to the Miista’s about page, which also proudly announces a penchant for “breaking the rules without causing a riot.”

We are just tickled by the way these shoes hearken back to the clunky, dated shoes of our past without ever appearing dated themselves – exactly as they promise. Ans Villasenin is an independent artist, doing her thing on her own terms and making that money. Here here to a strong woman with a vision and a strength to share it with the world!

Here are some of the styles we just had to share with you, but seriously, we’ve only scratched the surface. Check out her shop for more styles at a price that’s not totally unreasonable (if you’re into dropping dimes on some dope footwear),and definitely make sure you check out the lookbook from her most recent Electromancer line for spring and summer ’13.

Miista on Facebook and Twitter.

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