Manon Wethly’s Instagram Catches Liquids in Motion

Manon Wethly’s Instagram Catches Liquids in Motion

You may have seen some of this Belgian artists shots circulating the blogosphere, but we just had to share them with you. They’re so animated and interesting. They really highlight the hidden beauty in every-day objects.

We’re talking about Manon Wethly’s moving object study as portrayed through a series of instagram photos. Stunningly brilliant yet simple as can be, these photos capture with great stillness the tumbling liquids in all their glorious color and texture. These pictures remind us of the work of Alan Sailer, the man who shoots objects and captures the blast at high shutter speeds.

Wethly’s been getting a lot of attention for her #flyingstuff photos, but the rest of her instagram feed is just as breath-taking. If you’re looking for a soft blast of color to brighten your feed, make sure you follow @manonwethly. She’s spruce the place right up!

And make sure you check out her website to lean about all the cool projects she’s participating in, beyond the world of insta!

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