Konec – Futures EP [Firepower Records]

Konec – Futures EP [Firepower Records]

After a few months of musical silence, Konec has released a new EP on Firepower Records: Futures

While he spent most of last year creating his music around the concepts of the past, Aztec culture, Konec opted to look in the opposite direction for this EP.

“Where there is rainforest ambiance in my music from last year, there is technological and humanity ambiance in this EP,” Konec said.

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Futures includes four tracks that are each quite different from each other.

The first song is the title track, “Futures,” which immediately sends your mind racing. Though it has a strong introduction, the second track, “The Void ft. Anna Yvette,” calms your nerves and takes you on an emotional journey. Though it’s lyrics seem to have a sad undertone, the overall sound of the song can easily make one conjure other emotions.

The last two tracks, “Kill City” and “Railgun ft. xKore” take the energy to massive heights. “Kill City” is as crazy as it’s title suggests, and features one of the more unique, menacing musical concepts I have ever heard. “Railgun” throws our friend xKore into the equation. This tune is the only four-to-the-floor jam (compared to the broken beats of the rest of the songs), but that doesn’t mean it’ll be dull, as they up the tempo to keep your blood pumping to the very end. Talk about finishing on a high note tempo.

Though all the tracks are quite different from one another, they are tied in more ways than just sounding future as hell.

“I came up with the idea of the entire (project) being set in an urban dystopia,” said Konec. “I imagined creating the soundtrack to different events and occurences in that fictional era.”

Now use your imagination and see what fantasies you imagine with Futures as a soundtrack.

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