Eyes Everywhere Interview

Eyes Everywhere Interview

Meet Eyes Everywhere, a Buffalo-based production duo consisting of Kyle Tatum and Brian Doyle. Having met them while under their previous bass-heavy musical project HXLY, I was surprised to learn of the name change.

“We got tired of the drama that comes in the drum’n’bass and dubstep scenes and felt like it was getting too generic since everyone was learning everything on Youtube,” Brian said.

But the sound new coming from the new name more than justified the change. Stream their EP The Future Is Now below.

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If the high energy of HXLY represented the crazy teenage years of Kyle and Brian, Eyes Everything is the grown up counterpart, showing more than a bit of maturation.

“As we grew, so did our music,” Kyle said. “Simply just going from what I guess would be considered a ‘teen age’ or ‘juvenile’ view of the world to a tad more mature one … I’m not as aggro as I was four years ago, and I would venture to say neither is Brian. I mean, when we first started we were doing house, so I guess you can say everything has come full circle in a weird way.”

As HXLY, they played some big shows and were signed to Heavy Artillery Recordings, alongside other banger factories like xKore, Figure and Flinch.

“It wasn’t as much about the music,” Brian said, “and when you see events like EDC, Camp Bisco and others, that mentality of the party and the theatrics overshadowed the music. We didn’t want that anymore.”

Eyes Everywhere is the rebirth, seeking a more artistic and pure musical experience.

“We really love the sound we have been pushing, and as far as Eyes Everywhere goes, this is the type of sound you can expect,” Kyle said. “Deep, weighty, even a little creepy, but still meant for the dancefloor tunes.”

“We are making r&b beats for fun, too, because we like to keep it sexy,” Brian added.

The two have a lot in store for listeners.

“We are working on a lot, and most of it is up in the air,” Brian said. “We upgraded our soundcloud so that I can post up some solo stuff, all deep house and disco under the name ‘Zamboni Driver.’ And Kyle is doing some drum’n’bass beats. We are working on some tunes with other Buffalo-based trap guys Buzz Trillington and Shooter McNappin’, with the idea being that we can write songs and use them as open-source tunes, doing remixes and edits to cross genres.”

Of course, collaborations and side-projects aren’t the only things up their sleeve. They have a new baby, and they’re still focused on getting if off the ground.

“We’re also working some new originals on our own as well, and we are planning to do a series of free bootlegs. Expect some breaky, 808-ridden tunes with hip-hop influence and some techno along the lines of what Maya Jane Coles and Dusky are doing.”

While they are busy with Eyes Everywhere as well as working day jobs, they still want to try and invest into the local scene.

“Buffalo is kind of funny, there are lots of small niche groups that like specific genres and it’s tough to bring them together,” Brian said. “We are looking for label support to help us push beyond the local scene so that we can make connections and bring in new names to the area.”

But it’s not all work and no play.

“We’re also working on our golf game,” Brian said.

Keep an eye out for these two, as they got eyes everywhere (zing!) and have some lovely tunes in store!

GPS is a co-owner and editor at Fresh Wet Paint, resides in Miami, and kinda likes music. Stalk him on Twitter.


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